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Yakima Products

For an excellent range of Yakima products, look no further than Roof Rack Superstore. From rear mounted bike carriers through to roof boxes that are designed to safely and securely transport luggage, we have you covered when it comes to high-quality Yakima products.

Our Range

Our range of Yakima products includes:

  • Roof Racks – We stock a variety of Yakima roof racks for general use that are built tough and designed to stand up to Australia’s harsh weather conditions.
  • Bike Carriers – Australian’s love the outdoors, and for many, mountain biking is a favoured pastime. When you need to transport your bike long distances, we have you covered with both roof and rear mounted bike carriers from Yakima.
  • Roof Boxes – Able to be mounted onto your car rack system in no time at all, our Yakima roof boxes are perfect for transporting all manner of goods safely and securely.
  • Water Sports Solutions – Safely transport your kayak with one of our Yakima roof racks. Built to last and made from the highest quality materials, Yakima water sports solutions are second to none.
  • Snow Sports Solutions – Transport your snowboard or skis with ease with one of our snow sports roof racks made by Yakima.


In addition to the above products, we also stock a range of related accessories. Browse our available selection of Yakima products online today, or contact us for more information.