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Konig Snow Chains
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Choose From a Huge Range of Snow Chains

So the snow's been falling and you're keen to get amongst it! Just make sure that you and your car are properly prepared for adverse driving conditions - it's easy to forget when you're caught up in the excitement of grabbing your ski and snowboard gear and getting on the road, but when you make it to the mountain and find your car sliding on a treacherously slippery surface, you'll wish you'd brought some good quality snow and tyre chains with you.

Snow chains are designed to fit over your tyres and provide greater traction in the snow.This eliminates wheel spin on this treacherous surface and keeps your vehicle moving forward rather than slipping dangerously across the road.

With snow chains attached, almost every vehicle can get to the snow. At Roof Rack Superstore, we stock a huge selection of snow chains from market leader Konig, ranging from options containing exclusive features to basic versions that do the job without any fuss. We supply only top quality chains that enable the best traction and drive quality, adding to the safety of your vehicle and the people inside. Our durable chains are also tough enough to with stand harsh weather conditions, so you can be confident that you and your passengers will be able to get where you need - rain, hail or shine!

Roof Rack Superstore Will Get You Sorted for the Snow

Each vehicle requires a different size and fit of snow chain, so feel free to give our expert sales team in Melbourne, Sydney or Perth a call today to receive professional advice. Our top grade tyre chains will get you to the snow and keep you safe while you're there, letting you spend more time ploughing through the powder and less time digging your car out of it!