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Ski/Snowboard Carriers

Dreaming of a winter pilgrimage to snow-top mountains but dreading the messy aftermath Easy fixed! Store all the snow-caked gear in our quality ski arms out of harm’s way. Whether you want to take your skis, snowboards or other snow gear, we have an extensive range of ski racks, snowboard racks, roof boxes, snow chains and other snowsport racks to make transport easy.

Our comprehensive product range includes economical ski-clips to stylish slides that fit over the edge of the vehicle for easy loading and snow chains for simple accessibility. From exclusive feature to basic versions that do the job without any fuss.

Don’t waste time struggling with your gear in the freezing weather. Our snow products will make it easy for you to load up and leave quickly; wherever your journey. We recognise that not every vehicle can get to the snow which is why we make it possible with our durable chains. These chains enable the best traction and drive quality; adding to the safety of your vehicle and people inside.