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Pioneer Tray
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Rhino Rack Pioneer Trays

Storage space is a highly sought after feature in most vehicles, but even the largest of them have a finite amount. This is why roof racks are added to vehicles, providing additional storage space. If you’re planning something like a family road trip for the weekend, a Rhino Pioneer tray will allow you to transport the extra luggage you need, as well as camping equipment, spare wheels, jerry cans and more.

The Perfect Storage Solution

At Roof Rack Superstore, our selection of sleek and stylish Pioneer trays is suitable for a range of utility and 4WD vehicles. They are also available in numerous sizes to accommodate vehicles of different dimensions, ranging from 1400 x 1140mm through to 2000 x 1330mm.

Made from aluminium and reinforced nylon, our Rhino Rack Pioneer trays are strong and durable, capable of weathering the harshest outdoor conditions. They also feature a fully welded rail, making loading and unloading items a breeze. Contact Roof Rack Superstore to learn more about our pioneer trays - the perfect solution for storing your luggage and equipment..