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Pioneer Platform
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Rhino Pioneer Platforms

Whether you’re going on a lengthy road trip or embarking on a demanding four-wheel drive excursion through harsh terrain, it’s important to have access to enough storage space. If the boot is insufficient, Roof Rack Superstore has a selection of sleek and stylish Rhino Pioneer platforms that are ideal for transporting additional luggage, camping equipment, and more.

Strong, Durable and Versatile

Available in various sizes to accommodate different sized vehicles, our roof rack platforms are suitable for a wide range of 4WD and utility vehicles. Our products are made from strong and durable materials such as reinforced nylon and aluminium, ensuring they can withstand harsh weather and outdoor environments. Rhino Rack pioneer platforms also feature a fully welded rail, allowing you to load and unload your items with total ease.

Look no further than Roof Rack Superstore for the best roof rack platforms you can find. Browse our range today or fill out our online contact form if you have any questions.