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We sell a wide range of bike racks and carriers to ensure your bike goes with you for the journey. At Roof Rack Superstore, we have bike racks that attach to the tow bar, strap to the back of your vehicle or trailer.

No you need to make sure the racks are properly fitted and the roof is spotless when you fit the racks. Take them off a couple of times a year and wash under the rubber pad and refit nice and tight and you will not damage the car.

If you have a taller car or carbon frame bike I would use a fork mount, as they are easier to load on taller cars. If you have a normal height car or hydraulic disc brakes leave the wheel on.

No we galvanise the holes and use a special sealant. The metal that comes out of the roof is vacuumed up not blown off so it will not end up down the front of the windscreen and cause rust to start there, and the doors are taped up to stop the metal filling getting in to the door rubbers and again starting rust. We give you 3yr warranty on the fitting, so you know it’s done properly.

Most roof racks are made to suit a variety of vehicles, but with expert advice you can find the best one for your car and application. Roof Rack Superstore has a team of employees who love the outdoors with extensive experience choosing and installing roof racks. We can offer advice and guidance to help you determine the best roof rack for your vehicle. Not only do we have this, but we have an online application that enables you to match the roof rack to your car. If you're unsure which shape or size roof rack is best for you, contact us today.

No, when roof racks are installed by our professionals there will be no leaking on the vehicle. Our staff members have years of experience with installation and carefully choose products so they are the best for the vehicle and application.