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BMW X4 Roof Racks
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Premium Range of BMW X4 Roof Racks

Do you have a BMW X4 SUV and want to install a roof rack to increase its storage capacity? Your BMW X4 may come with plenty of storage space as standard, but you can’t ever go wrong having a bit more space to ensure you’re prepared for situations where more than the standard amount is required. This may include short or long distance camping trips, or transportation of tools from one job to the next. At Roof Rack Superstore, we can provide a suitable BMW X4 roof rack for any of the above purposes. View our gallery to see a collection of photos of our roof rack installation work.

Features & Benefits

BMW X4 roof rails are designed to evenly distribute weight across the length of the vehicle, reducing strain that might otherwise be placed on the engine and other components if items were stored in the back. They also boast high load rates of 100kg, meaning they can support heavy items of varying size. Sourced from Thule, you can rest assured that these X4 roof racks have been designed and constructed to the highest standard of quality and will function well for many years to come. Contact us today or add an item to your cart and order online to enjoy free shipping.