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Bike Carrier Accessories

At Roof Rack Superstore, we’re proud to stock an impressive selection of bike carrier accessories. We’ve earned a reputation for our dedication to quality and customer service. Our specialists work hard to ensure customers are completely feeling satisfied with the products they receive. Whether you need locks for extra protection and security or loading ramps that make loading bikes on the back of your vehicle less physically strenuous, we have what you need.

What We Offer

At Roof Rack Superstore, we have no shortage of bike carrier accessories for you to choose from. Our range includes:

  • Number plate holders – Ensure your number plate is sufficiently visible to comply with stringent Australian road regulations with a number plate holder

  • Tubetops – These allow bikes to be mounted solidly on single and dual mast mounts

  • Locks – We stock armlocks that secure bikes to mounts, lockable zip ties that provide excellent protection for use on car racks, and deadlocks for hitch-mounted racks

  • Loading ramps – These eliminate heavy lifting and make loading bikes on your car much easier

In addition, we offer bike bar adaptors that are easy to install and allow rear mounted bike carriers to be used with a greater range of bikes. We also stock front wheel holders, front wheel covers, bike wall hangers, bike carrier cases, brake lights, bike storage units and more.

Browse Our Range Today

Roof Rack Superstore is the number one destination for bike carrier accessories, including loading ramps and locks. Browse our range and order online today, or visit one of our stores across Australia.