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Shovel & Spade Holder
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Buy Shovel Holder from Most Reliable Suppliers

Roof Racks are great for mounting many kinds of tools. A Shovel Holder is one of the important tools that can be useful when required. If you want to carry a shovel, spade, paddles, axes, and rod-based items, the small equipment provides freedom to transport on the roof with ease. We're offering a Spade Shovel Holder which is perfectly compatible with Rhino Rack's most preferred roof rack systems, including Pioneer Vortex, and Heavy Duty Cross Bars. Since we're providing top-quality roof rack accessories from leading brands, you can trust the range of accessories we offer online.

Best Quality Shovel & Spade Holder is Here

Roof Rack Superstore recommends attaching a Shovel and Spade holder to your rack system if you want to carry hand-held excavators on the roof of your car. The Pioneer High Lift Jack and Shovel holder is great to fit with all the popular Rhino Rack systems. The lightweight aluminium body distinguishes this product as the best in its class. Users can easily install it with the rack and can operate it without any practice. The holder comes in a 3-in-1 kit which allows you to hold a shovel at a height from the rack surface to one side of the platform. Our workforce is well-known for each and every potential requirement, so we offer the most trusted and appropriate products.

Yakima Spades Shovel Holder that Recommended for Advanced Locking

The Yakima Spades Shovel Holder can be bought when you want to keep the spade within reach and don't want it to take up a lot of space. Due to the pop and drop mechanism, you can operate it very easily. It is a very comfortable and supportive device for straight shafts, "D" handles, oval handles, and sporting equipment. It’s up to 55 mm inner diameter can hold even thick-sized handles with ease. Moreover, a SKS Lock gives you the confidence of added security so that you can be sure to enjoy your driving. We deal with all of the compatible accessories, including Heavy Duty Cross Bars, to ensure a seamless shopping experience.

Rhinorack Stow It Utility Holder for Heavy Duty Spades

Since we have promised ourselves to live up to your trust, we will only provide you with the most reliable products. In this list, the Rhinorack Stow It Utility Holder can also be chosen to carry shovels and spades. It can hold up to an 8 kg load, giving you freedom to carry heavy-duty spades. The rubber-made diameter is large and flexible, allowing you to carry a thick handle without bustling. It supports master key and replaceable lock barrels, hence ensuring better safety and easy operation. We present you with an excellent range of shovel holders here, so you don't need to look further.

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The team Roof Rack Superstore is here to answer your question about the available range of shovel and spade holders. You can either call our professionals or you can raise an online enquiry.