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Light Brackets
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Classy and Robust Universal Light Mounting Bracket

One might need a side-mounted light when going on a long trip. If you want to install an external LED light on your car, then you can attach it to the roof rack with the help of a Universal Light Mounting Bracket. At Roof Rack Superstore, we're providing a range of LED or spot light mounting equipment so that you can use the light when required. Since we deal only in reputed brands, you will find here world-class brands such as Rhino Rack and Yakima. The bracket we're selling is made of the best quality black powder-coated stainless steel that doesn't attract rust and will go on for years.

Off Road Light Mounting Accessories for All Crossbars

The Off Road Light Mounting that we offer allows you to affix even heavy-duty LED lights weighting up to 7.5 kg. This bracket can be used with either Rhino rack vertex or crossbars. It is compatible with many roof racks and platforms thanks to its outstanding versatility. You can go on your adventure at midnight while keeping the light on. The bracket is so solid that it can hold the light during the trip; you do not need to repeatedly remove and reinstall. If you're an adventure lover, you shouldn't avoid the LED light and buy the mounting kit.

Pioneer LED/Spot Light Bracket to Increase The Adventure

At Roof Rack Superstore, we provide LED bar lights and spot light brackets from renowned brands. The Pioneer Led/Spot Light Bracket includes two brackets. These can be installed at a fixed distance on the roof rack according to the length of the light. Apart from this, the single spot light bracket consists of only one S-shaped corrosion-free handle and the required hardware. You can affix it anywhere on the platform and then install the light after proper wiring connection. The equipment can be used in two orientations, either at the top or bottom of the platform.

Most Trusted Led Light Bracket in Your Reach

If you're searching for a heavy-duty LED Light Bracket then you should listen to the experts. They suggest using the Yakima LightN'Up Bracket when it comes time to install more voltage and larger size lights. The brackets come in two parts that should be attached to the light first and then to the crossbar. The user can use these brackets in sixteen different orientations. Because it is a nervy constructed pair, it can withstand weights of up to 10 kg made it with rugged steel and provided it with Torx screws, making it the world's most trustworthy LED light holder bracket.

Add Light to Increase Adventure. Learn More About Light Brackets

The professionals at Roof Rack Superstore are familiar with all kinds of accessories. If you have any doubts about the products we're suggesting, you can ask them without any trouble.